Fairfield Mennonite Church


For us at Fairfield Mennonite,

there are seven essentials or core convictions of Anabaptism.



1.-First and foremost is belief in Jesus; he is our example, teacher, friend, redeemer and Lord.

2.-The second is seeing Jesus as the focal point of God’s redemption.

3.-The third is being free from the state and all that Christendom implied.

4.-Fourth, Anabaptists are committed to finding ways to be good news to the poor, powerless and persecuted.

5.-Fifth, Anabaptist churches are called to be communities of discipleship and mission, friendship, mutual accountability, and multi-voiced worship.

6.-Sixth, spirituality and economics are connected for Anabaptists, which is important in our individualist and consumerist culture.

7.-Finally, for Anabaptists peace is central to the gospel. It is not the center of the gospel--Jesus is the center of it all. It is as followers of Jesus that we are committed to finding nonviolent alternatives to violence in our world--not peace for its own sake.

Fairfield Mennonite Church

 201 West Main Street Fairfield, Pa 17320-9186




Pastor Brenda R. Walter

Minister of Music: Bonnie Portzline

Children's Storyteller: Lynn Walters